Simple, all natural products for your skin

About Us

I am a Mother of 3 who has been making soaps and body products for my friends and family for 15 years.  A friend who loves my homemade goodies encouraged me to pursuit a career in selling to the public as I recently gave up my corporate career due to illness and it was not my passion.  Natural products have been my passion since my sister introduced me to Blackmores skincare when I was 13 (nearly 35 years ago but unfortunately they no longer make skincare products - their Marshmallow Soap & Evening Primrose Body Moisturiser was to die for!)

Jaliis is an amalgamation of my childrens, my husband and my own given names so it is very personal to me. It gives me encouragement and makes me proud to start a business with my family behind me.
Jaliis has made it easy to select products by supplying a small but effective range.

Simple, Organic, Cruelty Free, Natural skincare products direct from Mother Earth via my kitchen, where it is made fresh when you place your order.  

Are you concerned about the chemicals and pesticides in your skincare?  

Jaliis products are made from Certified Organic ingrediants and are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free to care for face and body.